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Softening hearts in hard times—

historical romance with God's supernatural touch.

R.C. Mogo was born and raised in Spring, Texas, but was swept off her feet by an exotic Colombian with an excellent accent. Unfortunately, he eventually learned English so well that all three of their children barely speak any Spanish.  Considering his whole family is still in Colombia, it's a genuine problem. The good news is, he continues to entertain everyone with gems like, "You really are a piece of art."

After spending about 20 years as a pale-green Game Master in an online storytelling game, amassing a mini-legion of nerd friends all over the world, R.C. Mogo decided to become Born Again (BA). Okay, it wasn't really a decision. It just kind of happened.

R.C. Mogo, Author

Heavily photoshopped image of R.C. Mogo 

Her writing buddies were not psyched at this development.

Nevertheless, she pressed on, and wrote several drafts of her current debut novel, Innocents of Marbella. One by one, her beloved nerds opted out of watching their friend be body-snatched by Jesus. They all peaced-out except the weird one who never stopped loving her. Here she is, with the red hair (figures), watching proudly as R.C. Mogo marries that Colombian hunk:

R.C. Mogo Getting Married

R.C. Mogo married the love of her life in 2011. They are surrounded by their best friends and siblings.

The timing worked out well, because quitting the Game Mastering gig turned out to be the key to getting her book written and ready. It didn't happen overnight, because at the beginning of 2020, her second boy was diagnosed with leukemia.

It was certainly an ordeal, but with that recent major event (BA), R.C. Mogo had the comforting certainty that the Creator had it all handled. That video is of Gabriel showing off his Colombian roots (they are born knowing how to dance) in the midst of his scariest trial.

Gabriel is now 6 (and a half) and he is thriving. And yes, he still looks like his namesake.

Innocents of Marbella, Genesis semi-finalist in Historical Romance category

R.C. Mogo & Fam's faith has never been stronger. In 2023, Innocents of Marbella was a semi-finalist in the prestigious ACFW Genesis Contest for unpublished Christian fiction authors in the historical romance category. Soon after, her novel was picked up by a successful small press. Follow Zahra into the fire September 19, 2024! 

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